No More Killing

Raul Smith
Professor Judith Crozier
English 103
30 January 2014 No More Killing

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Ad campaigns against smoking usually take the extra mile. The ones making the ad want you to see it and make their voice be heard. This ad was published in Hong Kong as a visual poster. It immediately hit the local newspapers. The ad shows a visual image of two cigarettes that are slowly burning away. The cigarettes appear the twin towers from the 9/11 tragedy that occurred in New York City. Not only is it striking but also offensive in nature. It seems to stand out to the US Nation. Advertisers should not be able to post such ads or posters that reflect on horrific events because they are offensive, tragedy should not be messed with, and problems may arise.
The ad stands out to everybody and is directed to the daily smoker. But behind it clearly shows or resembles the burning of the twin towers. It quickly catches the viewer’s eye and basically makes a point, smoking is bad and kills. It goes on by giving a fact about how smoking kills a person every 6 seconds. But really is it saying to stop smoking because it’ll kill you or is it a general statement, stop killing? It cans both ways if seen with either point of view. People will see the ad and instantly refer to the towers. The connection that will be made would consist of the people who passed away on that day. People can’t help but think about the horror. The use of this event just makes the viewer want to explode with emotion.
This ad contains the most explicit setting that the nation still remembers today. Smoking is a serious threat to people’s lives but should advertisements use this horrific events to make a statement? The people who experienced this event head on would think different. The destructions of the twin towers were a life altering event for lots of Americans. To use this event for propaganda is too much to take in. the event itself was horrific and it’s something that brought a nation together…