Technology is Not a Distraction, It is a Benefit Technology is one of the most controversial and innovative subjects in recent modern history. It has been said that it’s what will preserve and cause us, the human race, to survive in the near but distant future. And then, there are those that claim that technology is destroying our minds, causing us to remain distracted and out of tune from everyday life, especially in the effervescent realm of education.In the “War on Technologism,” as I like to call it, many teachers and professors have struggled with their students being distracted by technology during class, whether it’s the students’ own, or whether the technology is furnished by the institution they work at. Let me give you a scenario. You have Mrs. Davis, a forty-six year old Economics teacher working at a high school in Wichita, Kansas. She’s currently teaching a class of thirty-two seniors who are at the brink of graduating, but the problem is that they’ve contracted the widespread epidemic known as Senioritis. Ninety percent of the shiftless seniors are either putting their heads on their desks, giving the illusion that they’re sound asleep, or hiding behind their walls of books that they’ve constructed into a tower-like form. What these students are really doing is texting on their phones and listening to their iPods.But what is the problem? Is it that students are thoroughly distracted because they don’t want to learn, or is it that the teachers and the subject matter are really just that boring? Should technology (mainly wireless devices) be taken out of the classroom, or should they stay put
Well, I personally think that it depends on the student. Some students are more involved into their technology than others. Besides that fact, technology should stay in the classrooms. It’s not as bad as researchers and some teachers might think. We’re going to have to move forward and grow with it if we’re going to stay a modern…

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