Jon Benet Ramsey

Tragedy in a Quiet Town
To this day forensics and the Ramsey family often ask ‘Who killed JonBenet?’ The 1996 Christmas murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey shocked America and Boulder County to the core. Seven years earlier just as the Lindbergh baby kid napping and murder seared the nations consciousness, this murder of a beautiful, and wealthy pageant girl renewed every parent’s worst nightmare. (FBI) We have reached more than a decade and a half and have yet to make any progress on any sort of justice for the family and the innocent girl whose life was taken so carelessly.
The Case and Analysis
At 6:48 pm, December 23rd 1996 a 911 call was placed from the Ramsey house to the Boulder Police department. The call ended before a dispatcher could speak to the caller. Six minutes later the police called the Ramsey home and reached a voicemail, which then immediately dispatched a police officer to arrive at the house. No report was filed which meant that the officer was told that the call was in error and was backed up with a reasonable explanation. This was the same night the Ramsey’s were having their annual Christmas party. With so many neighbors in attendance, anyone could have inadvertently dialed 911 however the coincidence of a 911 call was made 3 days before the murder of JonBenet was to be notable by authorities. On Christmas night the Ramsey’s had attended a neighborhood Christmas party. Only a few blocks away JonBenet had fallen asleep in the car and John Ramsey, her father, carried her to her room around 9:30 pm. John and Patsy Ramsey went to bed in order to wake up early to depart for their annual trip to lake Michigan. Around 5:52 am on the morning of December 26th 1996, Patsy Ramsey, the mother of JonBenet, woke up and made an immediate phone call to the Boulder Police department in panic regarding a 2 page, handwritten, ransom note left on the staircase leading to the kitchen. The note read that a “small foreign faction” kidnapped JonBenet and…

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