Ana Velandia
Mrs. Soto
9 December 2013 What would happen if someone accidentally crashes its phone? Nowadays society is becoming too dependent on technology and they feel like their life is not the same without their electronic devices. People are losing their manual abilities; they are not using their brains anymore, all the movements they make are based on technology. Many people think that the use of technology is good because of the accuracy and velocity that it provides us, but they are not thinking about all the activities that they have left apart due to the overuse of technology.
As you all know, the first thing people do when they get out of their house or work place is check if they have their phone with them, otherwise they are going to feel empty without it. Caitlyn Becker says, “Before I head out the door to go anywhere I usually make sure I have the Holy Trinity in my possession: Cell phone, wallet, lip gloss. Last night after work, I failed to do my Holy Trinity check and it wasn’t until I was on the subway that I realized the error of my ways. It was too late. I couldn’t stop the train or turn it around to go back and retrieve my phone. I dug and dug through my giant purse hoping that somehow it fell to the bottom and I just didn’t see it. I found 12 (yes, I am serious 12) tubes of lip gloss but no iPhone. The idea of suffering through a train ride home with no emails to read, no to-do lists to make and no music was paralyzing. The train ride would, in fact, be boring. Boredom … I shudder at the thought!” As you can see, this best example of a person who is addicted to the phone, Caitlyn states how she couldn’t survive throughout the train ride, but the truth is that she could have read a magazine, interact with other people in the train or even sleep; phones have become so dominating, that is our main priority once we go anywhere.
Now, have you thought about how people lived decades ago? They didn’t have iPhones or some kind of…

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