papreWhy it is important to follow rules
It is very important to follow instructions and rules especially if they are established in a military enviorment even if they are petty and do not make sense, Because they are rules, a part of a structure that must be upheld. Though they may seem like they do not make any sense, they do carry reason. For example, the reason that engineers cannot consume alcohol while training. It makes perfect sense even though it really seems like something they would tell a child. And especially since we are old enough to make our own decisions for the most part. It makes sence because we could lose focus of the mission, lose our coordination, and the ability to remain constantly aware of your surroundings and actions, be able to successfully protect yourself in any enviorment. Also alcohol causes fights, and other unnecessary problems, and seeing that much that a soldier here in training has a lot to lose by fighting, better to just avoid problems all around. Though it is a petty rule, it is a rule.
Another reason I think that it is important to follow rules, regulations and instructions, is because if someone breaks one rule and gets away with it, the complacencicy takes charge that makes the person, or the person around that person think that he or she can do it again and get away with it, or take an extra step and do something a little more than that. Refer to the “give you an inch you take a mile” theory.
In a way it relates to respect and or disrespect towards a person who is in a position of authority. If you follow the rules, it shows that the leader, has a squared away soldier, and that the leader, is doing his or her job by aiding that soldier in maintaining that military discpline. Now on the other hand, if you do not follow the rules, regulations, and instructions, it makes that leader look bad, like the leader is supporting that lack of discipline and therefore not doing his job

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