Poverty Song

MediaLoot License Agreement
By subscribing to MediaLoot, purchasing an individual resource (“item” or “file”), or
downloading a free resource you are being granted a license to use these files for specific
uses under certain conditions. Ownership remains with MediaLoot and the respective
copyright holders, and you are required to abide by the following licensing terms.
—–FREE LICENSE—If you have downloaded this file without paying for an individual use license or a MediaLoot
subscription, you are goverened by the free license. The free license grants you the
exclusive right to use and incorporate these files in your personal or commercial projects
under the following conditions:
1. All uses of these free items must contain an attribution link back to MediaLoot.com
or the specific download page of this resource.
2. You may use this resource or adaptations of this resource in commercial or other
projects for single-application purposes. For example, using this work inside of a
client project is acceptable, but using it on a tee-shirt design that will be distributed
to multiple people is not.
3. You MAY NOT distribute or resell this resource, or its derivatives, and you may not
upload this resource to other websites. All sharing of this resource must be done
using a link to the MediaLoot download page.
—-REGULAR LICENSE—If you have paid for an individual use license or were paying for a MediaLoot subscription at
the time of download, you are governed by the regular license. The regular license grants
you, the purchaser, the exclusive and non-transferrable rights to use this resource under
the following conditions:
1. You may use this resource or adaptations of this resource in any personal or
commercial single-use applications. This includes print applications, online or digital
applications, and any other application where the resource is incorporated or used
for one individual project or use.
2. You are not required to attribute…

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