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When you view this video, you’ll discover: Three things you must avoid if you want to prevent the cell damage that leads to cancer . . .
Why having mammograms actually increases your risk for breast cancer . . .
This one food that makes cancer spread like wildfire, yet is often recommended by oncologists and cancer centers . . .
The common link between cancer and other conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and many other degenerative diseases . . .
What you’re probably doing on a daily basis that could lead not only to breast cancer, but also to liver or kidney disease and even early death . . .
Dr. Blaylock notes that most people’s bodies already contain precancerous cells, just waiting for the right conditions to activate them. Since avoiding these cancer-cell triggers is your best defense against cancer, this video reveals his top natural strategies to protect yourself from breast cancer activation.Editor’s Note: Dr. Blaylock’s educational video report is available at no charge right now, but may be removed at any time. Take a few minutes to protect yourself right now. Discover the three warning signs you could get breast cancer. © 2014 NewsmaxHealth. All rights reserved.
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