Poem – AP Human Geography

What is Globalization?
Increasing of connections across borders.
Which branch of geography deals with climate, soil, and landforms?
what is bulling?
Because space is so central to geography, we must study…..
What is a mental map?
Maps we carry in our minds. (beliefs, perceptions)
Example of Human Environment interaction in the U.S
Drilling for oil
Sense of place?
What you know the place is like from experience.
Perception of place?
What you think about the place.
Absolute location.
exact spot on the globe. (lat/long)
What is a formal region? How is it differ from other types?
set/defined boundaries = set by a shared characteristic.
How are perceptual regions differ from other kinds?
They’re based on our beliefs.
Example of a functional region
urban area.
Human Geography?
interaction between humans and the environment in particular places and across spatial areas.
Mission of Human Geography?
Understanding and explaining diverse places and people.
Keys for understanding the interactions between the?
Human and Physical world.
Spatial Distribution?
How something is distributed among space.
5 themes of geography?
Location, Place, Human Environment Interaction, Region, Movement.
What is Location?
What’s it like on the surface of the earth?
What is Place?
What’s it like?
Human Environment Interaction?
layers of imprints in a cultural landscape
visible human imprint on the landscape
How are places connected?
Cultural Landscape?
visible human imprint on the landscape
Reference maps?
absolute locations
thematic maps?
relative locations
Activity Space?
area in which go about our daily activities
functional region?
social, political economic activities – or interactions that occur in it
who tangible lifestyle of people, values, and beliefs.
combinations of cultures are called?
expansion diffusion?
idea or innovation that spreads outward from the heath
Contagious Diffusion?
Spreads adjacently
Hierarchical Diffusion?
Spreads to most linked people or place first
relocation diffusion?
individuals who carry on am idea or innovation with them to a new perhaps different location
Stimulus Diffusion?
idea promotes a local experiment or change in the way people do
relationship between distance and diffusion
time distance decay
Environmental determinism?
the environment determines the patterns of human culture and societal development.
the environment creates a range of possibilities of which individuals choose