You can not take away our guns
The United States of America is built on the idea of the individual having a certain amount of personal freedoms and liberties. When the forefathers wrote the Constitution and, subsequently, the Bill of Rights, they were attempting to create a form of government that catered to the citien rather than those in political power. Today this has become one of the most controversial issues that our sociaiety faces and raises a very importan question: should the government be allowed to pass legislature that regualates who cdan own a firearm and what type of firearms are civilian legal. My opinion on guns is that our founding fathers inputed the second ammendment in the Bill of Rights to insure and, protect our freedomns, not only from a tyranical government but anyone who would try to harm us. Having firearms legal for law abiding citiezns detours some violent crimes because criminals will not know who is in possesion of a wepon or not.
First, gun control and other legislature, restricting the use and ownership of guns is handicaping law abiding citizens. Criminals will always find a way to obtain their guns. It leaves law-abiding citizens without any weapons to use in defense. Banning guns will create another potentially large source of organized criminal revenue, as a black market for guns will surley develop. Gun legislation only restricts the sale of guns to law abinding citizen. Criminals do not use the background check system, nor do they purchase firearms from gun stores. Criminals steal most firearms and trade for them with drugs. Criminals will also trade guns for drugs to drug dealers. The restriction of firearms due to gun legislation only impowers criminals, and makes law abiding citizens more valnurable to criminals or violent crimes. Violent crimes have been on an increase in states with more restrictions than those states with less gun control laws. Chicago is haled as one of the…

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