Exploring Diversity

Exploring DiversityIntroduction In Science 90T we explored the diversity of our student body and discovered how we cope with stress. This assignment provides an opportunity to further our social skills and create bonds within the class, it also provides us with the experience of working with collecting data, developing data sets, and using data analysis programs; besides the above it also helps us develop project management skills, working independently and collectively. Lastly this project helped us relate to the Methods section of peer reviewed articles by giving us an experience similar to that of the original authors and researchers.
Our team consisted of four people that collected data on classmates during the Science 90T lecture period. Data collection methods include personally interviewing students or asking students to fill out the form. Each member of the group collected data from fifteen people within the Science 90T lecture room.Findings
Our team decided to report on six variables: gender, ethnicity, major, grade level, religion, and whether the major was self-chosen.
The charts and observations are as follows:GENDER:A total of 35 males and 25 females were interviewed for this survey.
The ration breaks down to 58% males and 42% females, with a majority of the students being first or second generation immigrants. All the female students were citizens, and the majority of male citizens were also citizens.GRADE LEVEL:
The class breakdown is as follows: 2 freshmen (3%), 7 sophomores (12%). 43 juniors (72%), and 8 (13%) seniors. The majority of the students in class are juniors which leads us to believe that the enrolled students are taking this class as a precautionary measure to properly orient themselves into life at San Jose State University, or are students who failed enough classes to be put on probation and are required to take this class as part of the process of redeeming their academic status….

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