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The concept of social science has been described by Sabia & Wallulis (2001), as one of the oldest forms of research known to man being the basis of most research findings in helping us understand the behavior of men and how people co-exist with each other (Sabia & Wallulis, 2001). In the words of Sabia & Wallulis (2001) social science plays an instrumental role in issues dealing with human behavior and social institutions; elements that are not easily placed in the controlled environment associated with scientific investigations (Sabia & Wallulis, 2001). This means that social scientists have to adapt their methods frequently and have questions that evolve along with their investigations of science phenomena. In this regard, this discursive paper formulates a social science question and discusses it based on three possible scientific research method problems that are imperative for a social scientist in answering the question. The question asked for this paper is, Are Too Many Children being over diagnosed with Attention-Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Analysis of the Chosen Question from a Social Science Point of View
The concept of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be traced to Heinrich Hoffman’s book written in 1845 featuring a young Germany boy called Fidgety Philip who was so restless to an extend that he would writhe and tilt wildly in his chair during dinner at the dinner table (Kooij, Bejerot, et al., 2010). He was so restless that he once used the tablecloth as an anchor to drag all the dishes from the dinner table on the floor. This condition was only later in 1902 described at ADHD by George Frederic Still, a British Pediatrician (Lange, Reichl, Lange, Tucha & Tucha, 2010). With this lengthy and rich history of the condition, its diagnosis and treatment still remains controversial and hotly debated about….