The Best Food in the World

In my opinion, the best food in the world is Italian food. First, Italian food has many kinds of recipes like pizza, spaghetti, soup, and pasta. My favorite recipe is pasta. Pasta has many kinds. I can make it as I like, such as I add vegetables, chicken, shrimp or also cheese with mix salsa, and the cheese has many kinds to choose from. Also, I like the pizza especially vegetable pizza, I can add more and more vegetables, such as, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, spinach, and green peppers. I like to cook pizza by myself on my house, such as, vegetable pizza, cheese pizza, and peperoni pizza. Second, Italian food is healthy food. Because they are prepared it at the same time your order it, not like fast food. Also, Italian food is fresh food that why make our health very perfect, strong, and against diseases. So, we are rarely visiting a Doctor because our bodies contain all vitamins. Italian food is very delicious specially when add spices. I can smell the spices from far away. When I smell that, I feel so hungry, and I can’t wait to eat. Third, I think Italian food is easy to cook. My aunt is the skilled cook about Italian food, I really like to eat her food. When I am back to my home, I will tell her to teach me how to cook Italian food, and then I will invite all my friends. Forth, Italy has many restaurants and coffee shops. It is famous about the coffee, for example, Costa coffee is my father’s favorite from hot drinks, and also he can choose what he adds on his coffee cub such as, cream, chocolate, vanilla, or caramel. In conclusion, the Italian food is healthy, delicious, and fresh, and also my favorite food in the world.

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