One Word: God

God and he being behind it all, blessed me these 21 years of my life. Without him I could forever be lost. I had many times to fall away from my given path, and at times I did. I don’t always know if it’s part of a plan or not, but I am a lucky young woman to be where I am today. God saved me and opened my eyes to reality by lessons learned; he was my savior.
Being born to a Mother and father who were on drugs, and didn’t too much care for their actions, I ended up at a babysitter’s house for 6 months. Abandoned by my Mother while my two older brothers were left on the door steps of the Department of Social services. With no cloths, diapers, or food the woman kept me until I was 18 months old. Things got old over time though. A stranger called my grandmother and said “Come get this child, or Monday she will be handed over to the sheriff’s department.” Though the baby sitter has passed away now, no one knows who made that phone call as mentioned already. That same day my grandmother calls many family members, and no one can help me. No one wants that responsibility of a baby again. Word got around to my uncle and his wife, which was my birth Father’s brother. Within a matter of time I was taken in their arms and here is where I have been ever since. Its every child’s dream to wake up and their actual parents, and siblings be there.
That wasn’t my case. Then again, they have never treated me as if I wasn’t theirs. Today my Uncle and Aunt are my Mother and Father. Their two older boys are now my brother’s and that’s how it will always be. As I’ve grown up I see how God could have chosen my fate as a foster child moving from family to family, but no. I never had to worry about a place to stay, or what I was going to eat that night, or will I be clean for school. I was blessed with a big and wonderful family who has loved me every step of the way. Without him I would have ended up in the wrong places and ended up doing the wrong things. He blessed me with…

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