Seperation of Church and State

The way I see it, religion simply can not be allowed to influence government. Since the beginning of time man has hungered for power. Often times, this power was obtained through means of religion. For example, the monarchs of old europe claimed divine right to power due simply to the “fact” that god came to them and told them that they were born to rule. In this day and age however, religious influence to this extent or to any extent at all in our government can not be allowed for a few reasons. For one, religions often favor certain interest groups over others, another reason is that our constitution simply doesn’t allow it, the third, and perhaps most important, reason is that not everyone follows the same religion so not everyone would have the same view on religious laws, decisions, and so forth.
! Religions are biased. Thats just the way it is. For example, the Christian religion favors the man over the woman, the straight person over the gay person, and the pure over the sinner. Many agree that sinners are bad, and, in todays day and age, women are equal to men. However straights are still superior to gays in the eyes of society. In fact, gay marriage still is illegal in many states. That means that two people that love each other can not get married just because of their gender here in America. There is no reason other than religion to blame for this abominable law. Because the of our governments unfortunate affiliation with the Christian faith, a faith that says that gay marriage is wrong, families can not be made, lovers can not be united, and gays are ostracized just for loving the “wrong” sex (I say wrong from the point of view of the catholic church). This is just one reason why church and state must be separated.! Talking about separation of church and state, the very first amendment in the united states Bill of Rights states that the US government can not affiliate with any one religion or pass laws respecting any religion. The bill of…

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