Breaking the Silence in Me

Breaking the Silence in Me… It’s quite a long time (10 months) since I started concealing dull moments needed to be voiced out, hoping that one day, a realization will puff into his mind, a realization that will greatly alter our life as newly-bind couple. For ten months, I have been so considerate tolerating his misconduct, opining that the tolerance I have given him would make him better and make him feel that he is well-loved and accepted by me for whatever and however he is . For ten months, I have to shut my mouth not to utter words that might hurt his ego. I remained silent for quite a long time while my heart is dying inside and feeling all alone and left behind at the responsibilities that the two of us must take responsibility. I wish I had a time to tell him that he is not growing any younger.

I didn’t marry for me to feel alone, I need someone who will stay beside me and caress me when I am at the downside of my life. But despite his mistakes, at the end of the day, I know my heart belongs to him forever. He is my kismet, the one that God gave I Just hope, I still have an enduring patience and affection to unceasingly love him. Trials and temptations are trying to win me now, I hope I could take control over them.

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