On the rebound

At Toni and Guy Hair beauty school I believe that I can make the most of my talents. I want to be able to experience the most that I can and Toni and Guy gives me opportunities I wouldn’t have at any of the other schools here in Albuquerque. I want to be able to give people haircuts that they will love, I want to see how happy a well done haircut makes them feel. One day I want to do makeup and cut hair for runways and maybe even a celebrity or two. I would love to open my own salon and create a business cutting and styling hair. As a small child I used to cut my hair, even though it came out badly I loved it, I would also try to cut our dogs hair even though they weren’t too happy about it. This is my passion and I want to make my long-time dream of owning my own salon a reality.

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I also love to do makeup, to cover peoples “flaws” and help them feel better about themselves. I’ve always liked working with any kind of color, creating new shades seeing how those shades effect the face. I want to be able to work with it all of the time, cutting and styling hair, coloring hair, and doing makeup. Joining this industry means that I can follow my heart and do what I’ve always wanted to, it means I can become my own boss, claim my independence, take care of my daughter, and do what I love. When I get through with school I plan on opening my own business and creating a life with my daughter and I, sure it will be hard, and there will be many obstacles but I believe in my capability to do what I put my mind to. I am determined to get into this industry and make a name for myself. I want the freedom of owning my own business and the happiness cosmetology brings me.