GCA – Japan

Global Cultural Analysis: Japan
AbstractThe Japanese culture and customs are quite different than that of the Americans. Since the United States conducts a significant amount of business with Japan, it is imperative that American businessmen understand Japan’s elements and dimensions of culture. Once they have grasped this understanding, it is then important to see how the elements and dimensions of culture are incorporated in Japanese business. This will help them to determine how they will need to go about conducting business in Japan and how to develop long lasting Japanese business relationships.
Global Cultural Analysis: Japan
The United States conducts an enormous amount of business with Japan. Japan is currently one of the United States’ top five import and export partners (Satterlee, 2009). Since Japan is such a huge business partner with the United States, it is imperative that future global business managers understand the major elements and dimensions of culture in Japan. They must also understand how those elements are integrated by the Japanese into their business practices. It is also important to understand how the elements of culture and business practices of the Japanese compare to that of the United States. Once one is able to comprehend this, then they can understand how to conduct business in Japan. In order to be a successful global business manager, it is important that one understands how to conduct business in other nations. Japan is one of the United States’ top five business partners. Therefore, it is imperative that one explores Japan’s elements and dimensions of culture, their business practices, and how these practices relate to the United States if he or she would like to be successful in conducting business in Japan.
Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Japan
There are several major elements and dimensions of culture of Japan that future and current business leaders must understand if…

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