Whar Are Some Reasons for Analysing the Learners

CE 1 – Prepare to conduct OJT 1. What are some reasons for analysing the learners’ profile before conducting OJT
a) It may be necessary to make adjustments to training content/duration/instructional methods, etc to enhance relevance to learners b) Learners’ special needs can then be addressed c) To provide a conducive environment for learning 2. What are the parts of the task analysis form? What information do they communicate a) Main tasks – self-contained components of the critical work processes identified (CE &PC)
Describes the main work activity
Lists the competency elements (learning outcomes) described in a competency standard b) Task elements for stipulating detailed steps for performing
Breakdown main task into detailed and distinctr steps that must be completed
The steps are listed in sequential order. Steps are further contextualised to meet the company’s SOPs (Standard Operational Procedure) c) Key points for ensuring error-free quality work. Represents
critical points which learner must pay extra attention. Emphasize on rules, safety issues, special terminology and errors to avoid d) Task standards specifying the performance required by staff.
Represent standards required based on the company’s SOPs
Represent how performance of tasks should meet the industry and or legal requirements e) Skills and Knowledge outlining the scope of the module
Specifies the required underpinning knowledge and skills to perform a particular step (competency element) f) Training guidelines specifies instruction assessment methods for covering the material – using the 5 step coaching model. Instructions on how to conduct the OJT for a particular task.
Elaborate the 5 step DIPAF coaching process to create standardization and minimise ambiguity g) OJT Hour/Duration
Specifies the average (or estimated) time needed for a learner to complete the task. It specifies duration of an individual…

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