Career Opportunities in Tourism Sector

Career Options in Travel and Tourism Industry
The tourism sector of India is one of the largest revenue earning industry in the country. According to a report by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (released in November 2011), about 5.78 million international tourists visited various parts of the country during the year 2010, which was 11.8% more than that in the year 2009, and earning about $14.19 billion USD in 2010. In addition to this, 740.21 million domestic tourists visited different areas of the country in the same period of time, showing a rise of 18.8% compared to the figures in 2009. India being a diverse nation in terms of geography, history, culture and language, the scope for travel and tourism is wide. Therefore, career opportunities in travel and tourism is huge and the industry provides a range of job options for professionals with appropriate education. If you have a charming personality and passion for seeing new places, career options in travel and tourism industry are immense.
the tourism sector has created about 11 million jobs and has the potential to create another 37 million jobs in the future, which in turn speaks volume about the wide scope the industry has to offer
Section 4:
The Contemporary Tourism Industry
10 The Scope of the
Tourism Sector
Chapter objectives
After reading this chapter you will:
?. Be aware of the scale and scope of the contemporary tourism industry.
?. Understand the difficulties of defining the contemporary tourism industry.
?. Be aware of the various approaches to defining tourism from a supply-side
?. Recognise that tourism is a partially-industrialised system.
?. Recognise the issues involved in measuring the contemporary tourism industry.
?. Understand the status of tourism in standard industrial classifications.
?. Appreciate the tourism satellite account approach and its benefits.
?. Be familiar with the challenges of measuring the scale of tourism…

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