Truc Tran
Dr. Boyar
Physic I H
Period 4
10 December 2013
Hybrid VS Gas & Diesel.
Gas, electric, and bio-diesel… There are many different car types to choose from. Some are higher-quality than others in one or even multiple ways. In my opinion, hybrid cars are better for the environment than gasoline cars. The ozone layer is diminishing as we speak and obviously, that is not good. Just one person switching to a hybrid car can help save the Earth. People should consider switching to hybrid cars to cut down their emission of Greenhouse Gases to help the Ozone Layer stop depleting and causing major modifications in environments.
     Your car is killing the Earth because it rapidly consumes gas and is polluting our Earth and environment. Gasoline cars which run on gas add one pound of carbon to the air for every mile they drive, that’s a treacherous amount of carbon! Gas cars cost people on average thirty-six cents for every mile they drive, but people that drive hybrid cars only spend ten cents for every mile they drive (“Electric”). Talk about saving! Hybrids may cost more than regular gasoline cars, but they are worth it because they save you money and masses of gas over time (“Ingram”). You can expect to save around twenty-six cents for every mile you drive, that adds up.  Many gas cars can only go for twelve to thirty miles per gallon, but it is awfully typical to see a hybrid that can go between forty and seventy miles per gallon (“Gaynor”). That means you could drive around and possibly only use a gallon of gas, if you buy the right hybrid.
     Hybrid cars cost more but they are a lot safer for the Earth and environment. Also, they don’t guzzle gas, don’t add to global warming as much, and they reduce/ eliminate pollution (“Gaynor”). They can go a lot farther than gasoline cars and save money at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think most gasoline cars will last for 300,000-500,000 miles nowadays (“Ingram”). Since hybrid cars have…

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