Car Wash

How to wash a car.
Washing a car by hand takes a lot more than a person going through a drive thru car wash might think. Details count when washing a car and several different factors come into play. From size to types of cars washing a car can be quite complex. Although there are many different ways and products that a person can use there is a simple universal twenty minute way to get the job done. Washing your car should be done regularly, “Things like bugs, bird’s dropping, or the sun’s ultra violet rays damage the paint leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time”.
First to complete is the interior of your car. With any type of vacuum clean the interior of your car. Vacuum under your seats by moving seats forward and backward. Also, if the interior has sticky spots or stains use a simple house cleaner with a cloth to clean off. An example of house cleaner would be, Simple Green. Interior does not need a lot of attention because what matters the most is the outside.
After interior, you must have a water hookup around your car with a hose that can reach up to your car. Wet down your car completely. If it is very sunny out try to find a place in which there is some shade. Also make sure to look out for weather and see if any chance of rain is coming. Washing your car would be pointless if there was a chance of any storms. Have a bucket full of water with soap mixed in nearby. “You may use a wash mitt, wash pad or sponge” to cover your car completely in soap to get all dirt off. Be careful not to drop your cleaning utensil! Desper 2
That is because, rocks can become stuck in the brush. If that does happen, when continuing to clean your car, these rocks will scratch your paint and ruin the appearance of your car. Next get a brush that contains hard bristles and with soap clean the rims of your car. Rims tend to contain a lot of brake dust and can be extremely dirty.
Soon after applying soap to your car you must wash off the soap in…

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