Existence Of God

An Essay On The Existence Of God
Throughout history, men like Plato and Aristotle all the way through to men like Isaac Newton, believed in a Divine Creator.Yet today it is claimed that the intelligent, high IQ men, consistently accept and embrace atheism as truth. So why did men like Isaac Newton and Aristotle, both arguably intelligent men believe in Divine CreationI believe that not only is belief in a Creator reasonable but scientific and I will endeavour to show this today.
My first example is a philosophical one.
Throughout history man has shown a dependence on a law of morality. In some cultures, morality degraded where in others it increased. Basic morality is, however, identified in all cultures. In an evolutionary world, a conscience has no use. Man ‘evolves’ to stay alive, survival-of-the-fittest style. A conscience, which holds a man back, is shown to have little or no sense in an evolutionary world. A moral law cannot be attributed to societal growth either because each societies moral law would differ exponentially. However, moral basics can be seen that unite each of them. So since we cannot build a moral law ourselves it has to have come from outside mankind.
My second example is a natural one.
Our planet is the only known planet that supports intelligent life and this is due to certain conditions. These conditions include an atmosphere with correct amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide and various gases, abundance of water, light, the proper distance from the sun, the right rotation and revolution speed, a moon of the right size, etc. If any of these change too much, life discontinues. The odds of such conditions being replicated are so astronomical it would defy probability for them to be reproduced.
My third and final example is the Law of Causation.
This law states that everything that exists has a cause and likewise, another similar law states…

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