Detailed Things About Rock Cone Crusher You Need Know

In industrial production, the crushing equipments are mainly composed of jaw crusher, impact crusher to the finalhigh efficiency fine crusher. When it says to fine crusher, there is need to talk about the cone crusher. Cone crusher is neither the traditional coarse crusher nor the common fine crusher. The various categories and models may puzzle the customers. In this article, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce you how to make correct decision in selecting a suitable cone crusher.First of all, the customers need to make clear the categories of cone crusher. In current market, cone crushers can be divided into common crushing-cavity cone crusher, compound cone crusher and Symons cone crusher. The common cone crusher can do a perfect job in crushing ores and rocks with medium or medium above hardness. It shows the features of high efficiency, simple and reliable structure, easy debugging and maintenance. In addition, this kind of cone crusher also has a unique spring protection device which can prevent impurities to damage the crusher when they enter the crushing cavity. For the compound cone crusher, besides the above mentioned advantages, this cone crusher adopts the hydraulic cavity-cleaning system which reduced the downtime greatly. The third type is symons cone crusher which is newly developed. This new cone crusher can guarantee the even granularity, cubic shape of the final products and it has the highest automation in the three types.Efficient hydraulic cone crusher and rock cone crusher compared to the main advantage is that the higher production efficiency, and the hydraulic adjustment convenient and accurate adjustment! Specifically, mainly in the following aspects:1. Thin oil lubrication and effective labyrinth seal to fundamentally eliminate the traditional spring cone crusher oil mixed with water and other common failure to improve the life of the crusher;2. Providing a higher production capacity, the best product grain…

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