Disney-the Not so Happiest Place on Earth

Smiling from ear to ear, like a 3-year-old child, I peeked out the window as we began our road trip to the happiest place on earth, Disney. I felt so much anticipation and excitement I could burst from my seat. We blasted the radio in anticipation for the next three days of amazement that awaited us. It had been over a year since I last visited Disney and I knew that once I laid my eyes on the sparkling 186 foot, concrete Cinderella castle, the reminiscent memories from previous trips would return. My mom, my best friend, Emily, and I bought a 3-day pass to enjoy the parks.

A magical place like Disney generally brings happiness; reminding us of our childhood memories, however this time it ended up turning into a nightmare. If only I would’ve known what awaited me before wasting time and money on that trip. The day I had planned for months had finally arrived; waking up at dawn on a cold night didn’t bother me whatsoever, since it was going to be my first trip with my best friend. “Ding! ” My eyes widened at the sound of my alarm and sprinted to wake Emily up, who was sound asleep.

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We packed a couple of sandwiches and tossed our gags into the trunk. Off we went for the next 4 hours and the next stop, Animal Kingdom. I leaped out the car as we were arriving at our anticipated destination. Within 5 minutes of walking in OFF weather, my face stiffened. At the park, we were so enthralled that we went straight to the wild rides. The killer of the day and most probably the rest of the trip was Kali River Rapids. In a matter of 30 minutes, we had ridden it 4 times. Nobody wanted to get wet in the freezing temperatures, but as wild as we are, we didn’t care!

We were prepared to get soaked by the freezing, turbulent waters as we rafted down the ‘Chagrined’ River and screamed our lungs out when the raft dropped us through the waterfalls. Trembling and drenched with no change of clothes, we decided to warm up and have lunch at Restaurateur’s. There it was the next morning. The excruciating, throbbing pain with the chills running down my spine as my tonsils swelled up, in flames, once I swallowed. As I ate breakfast, the pain slightly went away. We took the hotel transportation and figured it could take us directly to the park, but instead made 5 separate stops to pick up other tourists.

All of us had no patience, especially after waiting 45 minutes for the bus to pick us up. At last, we were walking down ‘Main Street U. S. A. ‘ and began with the simple rides. A few hours into the park, we were famished and grabbed a bite to eat at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe©. Finally, the moment I was waiting for all day. Space Mountain. The fastest and wildest ride at Magic Kingdom. Making the line, the windows around appeared to look out into the universe, providing a sensation of align through space, creating anticipation of a spine-tingling adventure.

The 2- hour line speeded quickly and I saw myself seated in the rocket ready to take off through the dark recesses of the galaxy. Blast Off We were rocketing through a tunnel of flickering neon lights and began a rapid descent along an intricate, dark track. The spatial-effects lighting, sprinkling the inner-heavens with galaxies of stars, darting meteors and glowing space vehicles intoxicated me. As the adrenaline was rushing through my veins, I began to feel the rocket quivering like an old man with Parkinson.

As the ride was preparing for a 17-foot drop through the darkness, it suddenly trope. It took 5 hours to get the ride taxed and by that time, the park was already near to closing. Physically and mentally sick, I decided to come back home the next morning with Emily and my mom. The 3-day ticket pass ended up turning into a 2-day pass, but honestly we were all fed up with disappointment. The whole ride back seemed relieving and I couldn’t wait to get back to my cozy, pleasant home. Due to that weekend, it’s going to be a while until I decide when to return to Disney.