Danny Hernandez
Period: D
The Giver Essay
Imagine a world without memories or color or feelings. This is how the giver is, a world with absolutely no memory or feelings. But Jonas figures out what everybody in his community. He starts to learn what it feels like to have memories and feeling. And he doesn’t really like it. And without memories there are no wrongs or rights. So in a way memories can have a lot of effect on how people live and the way they live.
Memories are a part of life so a world without memories, would be well nothing. Because we wouldn’t remember anything. But a world without memories can be very painful in many ways. Like if we don’t remember things from the past we would have the same problems in the past. But it’s also a good thing that there are no memories because there could be no rights or wrongs in the community or anywhere for that matter. Jonas also learns that it’s a good thing to share memories. He also learns that it’s a bad thing to keep memories because he starts realizing what kind of community he is living in and wants to rebel against it.
The giver shows the importance of memories in real life and how they can relate to our society today. It reflects on our society today because there are countries around the world that try to exclude themselves from the world outside of their country or town or city. And there are also some other countries that make decisions for the people living in that society.

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