Learning Reflection

Learning Reflection My experience here at Disney is one of the happiest, challenging and developing moments of my young life. Throughout the six month I can honestly say that, Vive learnt how to be independent, responsible and Vive become more knowledgeable. In the beginning of the program I was faced with culture shock, because Belize is a third world country and it’s my first time to America so everything was different. For example we don’t have McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy etc. In Belize, so seeing so much franchises was like walking into a pond filled with some big fishes.

But that didn’t hamper my progress because I’m the type of person that can easily adjust to anything as quick as a heartbeat. I also had to adjust living with complete strangers; I had to adjust to their cultures and lifestyles. Now, I can say that I learnt how to compromised, reasoned and Just be a humble individual. Later in this report I will talk about the skills that I have acquired, knowledge, my personal growth and my overall experience. Also I will touch on my going back home, my future plans. Looking back on my experience I can honestly say that I have acquired some important skills that will stay with me forever.

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For example managing my time, the first time that I took the test I score seven yes and five no. I took it today I score ten yes and two no, so I believe that I have master the art of time management. I always try to get everything completed from my to-do list. I have a calendar in my room that I keep important event on it and I check them off as I complete them. This helps me to keep track of the accomplishments that I have made. Being here in this program I learned how to meet my responsibilities, for example in my apartment, I’m not a lazy person so when I use something I clean it.

Or when it’s my day to take out the trash I make sure that it’ completed, same as the bathroom I clean it with no complains. It’s all about maturing and being independent, the only difference for me it’s with having standards. I also meet my responsibilities toward my work, for example by getting out of the bed, getting to work thirty minutes before your actual clock in time. Having clean costumes, upholding the Disney look always. Being here at Disney, I learnt how to solve problems in my apartment and at work. For example in my apartment I learnt how compromise and speak to my roommates without accusing each other.

At work quest have many demands, so to solve their problems I try to find reasonable and achievable ideas. Being able to help the guest, makes them feel really important, because that simple idea or even giving them directions can brighten up their day. Communicating is not a problem for me, being here Just made it more define. Sometimes, when people meet me they are like “l thought you were from New York or Los Angels because you don’t have an accent” or “your English is perfect”. At my work, it’s so funny because there are not a lot of cast members who speak Spanish.

So every time there is a guest who speaks something that sounds like Spanish everybody is like “Mary’! Sometimes it’s really funny because I can understand Spanish very well and I speak a little. But most of the time the guest are speaking Portuguese a total different language from Spanish. I don’t know how I do, but somehow I Just know what they want or looking tort. Working as a team member, I believe this one of my favorite things because I created many relationships and I can say learn that I learn so much about their culture. For example, one of my good friends is from Spain, we started the same day and we’re leaving the same day.

We both worked at Jed Training Academy and now we both work together at Sunset Market Ranch. I even had the opportunity to meeting her mom, so I believe working with people from diverse culture you open to learn a lot about each other. Sometimes serving customers may be challenging because the person at the register may rang up something wrong and when the guest come to the window to pick up their food, it not what they wanted. So we would have to call for a void and the coordinator or GET may take long and the guest may get impatient. Other time some guests are Just the friendliest people that you can meet.

Working here at Disney, I’m exposed to many different lifestyles, beliefs, cultures and appearance. The way I was brought up as a child I was thought to respect for everyone regardless of what they do or how they look. I may not agree with the action or decision that they may choose but that doesn’t mean that I should disrespect or Judge them. For example, I served a lot of Arabic guest and I know in their culture they don’t eat pork. So if they order something that has pork in it, I would let them know and I would still give them the option to say no.

Throughout my experience here at Disney I gain many skills that I will never forget and I will cherish forever. My first role was at Jed training, I learn owe to be efficient and get things done on time. For example, I had to get the line moving and I made sure that I kept the guest up to date with the show times that were available. Doing this made it easier for to get sign their kids up and get move on to their next venture. My second role is at Sunset Market Ranch food and beverage. I learn skills such as food preparation (critical temperature), holding times and safety procedures.

For example with the holding time for frozen food should O degrees or below, for cold food holding time 41 degrees or below, hot food holding should be 140 degrees or above. Disney is very strict on their safety procedures, for example we got to make sure that whenever that we touch something we got to change our gloves. We also got to make sure that we use Oasis 144 to clean with because it kills the deadliest of germs and bacteria that can develop in an area. When it comes to cash handling, whenever we close or open we got to make sure that someone is walking back to the Gross teller office with the cash bins.

Working here at Disney is a pleasure; this experience will definitely help me along the way with my future endeavors. I believe that the three most important strategies that I learn from irking here are having great marketing, having a wide range market, and following the four keys. Why did I say “having great marketing”? Being a tourism student, getting guest to your destination is all about marketing. Having great publicity and striving to be number one. Disney does a great Job at this, through the Disney channel television show, emails, new letters everything to get people to come to Disney.

Also I think that even with the international and college program Disney marketed itself very well to get students enthused about coming here. When I say having a wide range market meaning that they cater for everyone, regardless of here you come from. For example, Disney has like plans for families with children, honeymooners, teens and they also have the facilities to accommodate people with s Lastly, tolling the tour keys this is something that I will nave with me forever. I think this is great because they set the standards for other companies.

For example, even when I’m not at work and I see somebody doing something that is not safe I Jump into my Disney mode. I took two Disney classes’ Human resource management and Disney marketing you. I also attended the six Career Development workshops classes which are resume writing, personal branding, networking 101, icing the interview, professionalism and presenting with confidence. From my Human resource management class I can say that the two most important things that I learn is about the EEOC which mean Equal Employment Opportunity Commission it’s a federal law enforcement agency that enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

They investigate discrimination complaints based on an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age and disability. For example, let’s say that a lady who is pregnant applies for a Job at this company; she has all the necessary qualification but the Job will harm the baby. Unless her doctor says that he’s not fit to work in the type of environment you can’t deny her the Job. The second most important thing that I learnt was the six pillars of characters which are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship.

I really like this because it’s something that I have to practice daily and I grateful that I took that class. From my Disney Marketing and you class I learnt about the ways that use to attract people to Disney. For example, they send emails to people who live in Florida, they also use commercials that appeals children and in that way using the kid to persuade their parent’s to bring them to Disney. Sometime they have do promotion in different ways. For example, there was a time when they were sending Disney ticket to people with birthday. They also had the opportunity to bring their entire family.

Over the six months I can honestly say that I learned a lot about myself. I learn how to become more patient and I also learn how to Just throw insults right over my shoulder. For example, when I may be frustrated I take a deep breath and try to brush off the negative energy. The main thing that I thing I learned about myself is how to walk away. I mean it in a good way, for instance, if I’m trying to help someone ND I can see that it will only escalate into something bigger. It’s better to walk away from the situation because I can’t fix everything.

I believe this experience has helped me to become a more independent individual, responsible and I matured. For example, I work and I save my money because my first priority is toward finishing my bachelors. It may not be a lot, but starting from small it can grow and I accomplish my dream. I think that my knowledge of strength quest will help me to focus on my goals because having talents such as “Included, Positivist, Relater, Belief and Responsibility’. If I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything. I want to be the owner of a resort and I also want to give back to my community.

For example, my parent’s have six children and they struggle to send all of us through school. So I want to help young kids to have the opportunity to have the achieve something in life. With my positive energy and strong belief I can make anything happen because I’m a very responsible person and I want the best for the kids of the future. Although our economy is not at its best I want everyone to have the chance to make grow into that beautiful butterfly. I had twelve goals when I started the program, my first, I would like to gain professional experience, with ways on how to deal with guest behaviors.

My major is tourism management, so I will be faced with a lot of guest who may not have the same view as one another. Second, I would like to attain a certificate for attending the seminar classes, also I would like to gain knowledge form each course and also be able to apply them my future career. Third, I would like to acquire experience on a marketing aspect, because I want to be able to sell the idea to potential guest and local tourist to visit and explore Belize. Forth, my last major goal is to grow into a well-rounded individual, who will be able to have the qualities of a professional.

I believe that I did great because I completed everything that I wanted to accomplish and more. I learn so much that I think I can write a book based on my Disney experience and skills that I have obtain here. I think the most important thing that I enjoyed here was the people that I met and the friendships that I have created. I love learning about others and they culture, I feel like national geography because of all the different cultures that I was faced with. I also enjoy being a trainer, because when I’m working I look at the many people that I trained and I feel proud that I impacted on a part of their Disney life.

The most difficult moment/ least enjoyable moment for me I would say is the fact that I had to move from Jed Training. It’s because I had the opportunity to meet so many different guest and touch the hearts of some many kids. Also it’s very difficult because I already created so many close relationships and then I had to move to Sunset market ranch. Looking back on my experience, I don’t wish to do anything differently; I’m happy with the way how my program went. I believe that if I changed it I won’t have had the opportunity to accomplish so much and learn so much from everyone that I worked with also from the guest.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my experience 8. 5 this experience made me learn a lot about myself, it helped me to develop into a better tourism student. I even learned how to communicate better and I was able to meet people from diverse backgrounds with different cultures. Going back home to Belize, is reverse culture shock itself. I was thinking of all the stuff that I’m going to miss that is not in Belize. I was already trying to help myself adjust back to my home. I was thinking, here in Florida we Just show our old to get on the bus and the driver takes us to different location.

I’m doing this for six month; so I was thinking what if I do that to the bus drivers in Belize without realizing. I would be in trouble because you got to pay to ride the bus. Also I think that I will sleep a lot because I was sleep deprived because of my work schedule. Also I think my stomach will have to adjust to eating home cooked food again, I eat healthy food here but not as often as I should because the fast food is cheaper it take less time. My short term future plan is to complete my bachelors and to get a Job in the tourism industry to gain more experience before I venture out on my own.

My long term goal is to own my own resort and to contribute to my community. I believe that this program help me to see my goal clearer and also open doors of opportunity for me. Being here made me realize that I’m capable to do anything as long as I’m focus and have my mind set to complete it. My advice to the new Sips, don’t be afraid to ask questions, voice your opinion, create new relationship. Because by doing all these things it can help you to become he person that you really want to be or mold you into a stronger individual .

Also live a little, have fun, because you may never know if you will ever have an experience like this again. Lastly, try new things, take pictures create memories, because they last forever. Love Mary My conclusion, I’m grateful that I choose Disney my internship program. I learn so much and I valued this opportunity. I also can say that ETC, help to work on being a more responsible individual. I really treasure the fact that I found out what my major talents are and now I use them every day to help my follow cast members, guest and myself.