crucible essay

The Crucible
Fear can make people blame others for their actions. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller uses Mary Warren, Tituba, and Abby to prove that fear in society can make people nervous.
Mary Warren is accused of witchcraft, and this causes her to be nervous. Mary Warren: “But, Mr. Proctor, they will not hang them if they confess. Sarah Good will only sit in jail some time — and here’s a wonder for you; think on this. Goody Good is pregnant” (58-59). This shows that she was nervous. She wants others to confess to witchcraft so she can see the outcome. She doesn’t want to confess because she’s afraid of getting killed. This also applies to Tituba.
Throughout the play, Tituba is nervous about being hanged. She knows that Abigail is going around getting people hung. She had agreed to performing Voodoo on Abigail but, with her permission of course. That could be considered as witchcraft in the courts eyes and Abigail could of easily have said that it was. So as quick as she could she moved back to Barbados.
Abby blames other people about her actions because; she is scared taking the blame by herself. She denies ever doing anything wrong such as the affair with John Proctor because her reputation is “unimpeachable”. She simply just says that Elizabeth fired her because she didn’t want to work like a slave. But everyone finds out that, that isn’t true once they know about the affair with John Proctor.
Fear can make people do crazy things at desperate times and blame others for their wrong doings. Arthur Miller shows that in The Crucible to prove that fear in society can make people nervous.

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