Do Looks Really Matter

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Discrimination, its all around us whether its by looks, race, gender and even sexual preference. Even books, T.V. shows and movies show us a bit of discrimination. A classic example is Mary Shelleys book “Frankenstein”, it shows that people judge others based on looks instead of getting to know them as a person. In the book there is a creature that was created by dead body parts and he’s brought back to life, he is hideous, but wants to interact with humans because he’s lonely. The creature later realizes that people are cruel and quick to judge, as the creature tries to help other he is immediately rejected by the people that he tries to help. Even to this day people discriminate on others based just on looks.
In the story “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, the character Victor, creates a monster that gets mistreated based on his looks. The creature isn’t aggressive in the beginning and is actually trying to be helpful but people don’t give him the chance to prove his innocence. An example is the creature is going through the woods and happens to find a cottage with a family inside of it, and day by day the creature builds up the courage to go and talk to to them. Once he does to go and talk to them the creature decides to talk to the old man first since the old man is blind and wont be able to see how the creature looks, therefore he wont be able to discriminate on the creature. Once the creature starts talking, they have a nice conversation; discrimination starts once Felix, the son sees the creature. “In a transport of furry, he dashed me to the ground and struck me violently with a stick,” this quote shows that Felix, in a heartbeat discriminated him and attacked the creature when all he was doing was just trying to start a friendly conversation(Shelley 97).
Discrimination doesn’t just happen in stories, it also happens in real life. Just like in Steven Greenhouse in his article “Going for the look, but Risking…