Marketing-need to fix up on
Production, selling marketing approaches
-Production approach was based on the idea of attracting customers to an existing product. Mass production of a standardised product was aimed at increasing output and reducing production costs. This improved affordability for the customers. The customer’s wants were not considered.-The selling approach emphasised persuasive sales techniques such as door-to-door salesmen.There was little attempt to understand the customer’s wants and needs.-Marketing approach focuses on developing products based on the customer’s wants and needs. The marketing concept and customer orientation build on the marketing orientation developed in the 1980’s.Place/distribution-distribution channels-channel choice-intensive,selective,exclusive-physical distribution issues-transport, warehousing, inventory
Place/distribution in the marketing mix refers to businesses making sure their product reaches the customers. The methods include selling directly to the public, to a warehousing firm for redistribution, to various types and sizes of retail outlets and to another producer. The distribution method and channel choice to determine the distribution strategy for the business.
Distribution channels are the links between the producer and the customers of the product. They may be achieved through direct or indirect channels.
The reasons for intermediaries are that in indirect distribution the product passes through independent intermediaries such as agents, brokers or retailers. In direct channels the manufacturer distributes to the product directly to the customer.
Channel choice-the distribution channel intensity that the manager chooses-is critical to the success of the marketing plan. The channel choice will affect the type of customer, the perception of the product and the ease of access. There are three main types of distribution channels: intensive, selective and exclusive.
Intensive channel…

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