The Teenager Emerges

Abstract In the ass’s after WI an age group emerged. Who did this age group consist of? Well the age group consisted of teenagers. The teenagers started a demographic change, not for the bad but for the better. They were the “Baby Boomers” they added and changed so many things in the world, in society. They were the ones that brought out new styles, music, behaviors, and more independence than ever, for a new age group. The teenager gives back to society as much as an adult when you really think about it.

Teens have boosted the economy like nobody else has, because f the disposable money that they possess. Also the new entertainment. A lot of businesses have increased such as movies theaters, malls, restaurants, and many more places that attract the attention of teenagers. Not only did businesses go through the roof and so did money worth, but Jobs were taken out too. Universities and colleges had a great increase in students and more schools were built because of that. Plus teenagers got the better education no other generation got.

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This did a great Job for society; more Jobs in the work place were opened to the public. In exults to this, adults could retire earlier then they had planned, and many more ideas were brought out to the eye of the public. When WI came to an end, the soldiers wanted to start a family, wanted freedom and better education for their little ones. The last thing they wanted was for their children to sign up for the army and follow in their footsteps. Parent’s wanted their kids to have many more options as appose to them, and much success.

The freedom, options, and many opportunities that were not ever allowed before blossomed. That is how the teenagers became who they are. In the past this age group had zero redeem, and most likely zero options in life as well. Boys around seventeen years of age had many responsibilities and expectations. They were expected to Join the working industries instantly, get himself a wife and start a family. A high majority of the men had to work super hard, and it was most likely something they did not enjoy doing either. They had to do whatever was necessary for money.

This all concludes as to why the “Baby Boomers” got so much freedom and lots of options in their lives. Instead of the boys getting a Job right away they attended college or university and their parent’s paid for their education. Because that is what parent’s wanted. Teenagers got a lot more freedom with education, plus life choices. Many new options opened up too. All the options summed up the life of a teenager. New things bring new responsibilities. Although teenagers were not too good with responsibility. The aspects of the life teenagers lived by were what lit the fire.

The new things that were brought into teenager’s lives were allowances, more disposable money for them to spend on whatever they pleased. Teenagers were big on keeping secrets and making their own decisions. With their parent’s pretty much out of their personal lives. Rebellion was a big thing that was introduced by teenagers a lot. T type of music they spent their nights listening, the booze they stole from parent’s, and definitely the new fashion style. Teenagers became the symbol for rebellion. Another big aspect of teenage life was the dancing. This was more of a free time for teenagers then anything. Off could do whatever you wanted to do! Dancing looked like freedom”. Quoted by John McKeon. They had several dance styles that teens liked to dance to. The dance speed of the song. Fast upbeat dances were very popular, like Jitter-bug and the Do-whop. These upbeat dances hyped them up and drained their energy. They liked to show off what they could do on the dance floor. This type of dance was very popular in both gender groups. Most teens had radios and television sets, so they could take their music anywhere. Most teenagers were forced to finish high school and attend college or university.

As we all know a good education was a very big and important thing. All the actions and choices that teenagers made had never been introduced to the public ever, until then. So it was new to everybody. It is safe to say that at the beginning of this demographic, thing were a bit on the rocky side. When this age roof became rebellious, and made most of their decisions on their own and excluded their parent’s, of course adults took action. Parent’s invented rules and restrictions to keep the rebellions under the water. “What I remember about the ass’s were the rules”.

Quoted by John McKeon. Parent’s despised Rock-N-Roll; their opinion on it was that it was “Devils music”. They did everything in their power to keep that type of music away from teenagers. They also restricted records from being sold out to teens. They thought it would keep teenagers from rebelling. They were not successful. Teenagers rebelled anyways. Being a teenager in the ass’s was a obelisks, adventurous and unique thing, but also difficult. Adults took the rains and wanted to control everything, but the new attitudes caused lots of fights and conflicts.

The conflict got to be known as the “Generation Gap”. Attitude was a big problem, but that was not the parent’s only problem. For parent’s teenagers being secretive, causing and getting into trouble, caused parent’s to be a lot harder on teenagers. Teenagers are a needed, big help to society, they offer and give so much. Style, entertainment, music, business plus a boosted economy Just to name a few. Teenagers have invented and created so many things. A generation gap may have been made by teenagers. But maybe that gap was for the better of things.

Not being jammed and pushed into either being a child or an adult, was and is a very important thing to teenagers. That is a very big gap between having no freedom and having freedom but way too many responsibilities. That is why teenagers fit perfectly in the middle. Teenagers came to be a very big help to Canadian history. This shows that teenagers need as well as deserve the rights and freedoms they have. The last thing teens need are ten big responsibilities way too early. Teenagers need to enjoy life tit more freedom then children, and without all the responsibilities that adults have.