BUS 437
“Eight Classic Techniques.” An experiences analyst is adept at using a wide variety of elicitation techniques and possesses the sensitivities and skill necessary to assess the political, technical, and psychological characteristics of a situation to determine which elicitation technique to apply.
Explain the eight (8) classic techniques used most in organizations today. Compare and contrast the strengths of each.
Interviewing: Motivating stakeholders to verbialize their thoughts, opinions, concerns, and needs. Keep questions moderate, contect free and open-ended, this causes people to think. Your goal is to prevent prejudicing the user’s reponse to the questions. Including listening, taking notes, and playing back what you heard.
Brainstorming: Brainstorming involves both idea genertaion and idea reduction. Gathering multiple stakeholders to discuss an issue, question or encouraging the stakeholders to express and record their ideas. The most creative, innovative ideas often result from combining, seemilngly unrealated ideas.
Conducting Collaborative Workshops: Putting them in a structured, facilited workshop, to define requirements. Brainstorming is part of the workshops. The use of an outside facilitaror experienced in requirements management can ensure the success of the workshop. And exemple of this is that recently we had a project management workshop conducted for our project, they help us outline the schedule and reveal the involvement that needed to take place.
Prototyping: Implemting something new and allowng people to test drive it. It allows people to visually see the basics and discuss their wants and needs. A software requirment prototype is a partial implemenation of a software system, built to help developers, users, and customers better understand system requirements.
Questionnaires: Questions that are distributed to stakeholders, responses are collected, complied, and analyzed to understand others opinions.

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