Montessori education

Exercises of Practical Life:
Through Exercises of Practical Life (EPL) a child not only learns concentration, coordination, independence and order, but also how to interact with others and gain an understanding and appreciation of the environment. The child begins to build himself from within while learning to treat him and others with respect and dignity. These understandings ultimately prepare the child for entry into society and a lifetime of self-respect and self-worthiness. EPL Ultimately provides the foundation for success in all areas of life. The prepared environment is directly correlated to the child’s development. The classroom is specifically designed area arranged solely for the children. There should be a variety of movement and activity and all work operates together through discipline. Children respond well to beauty, order and quality in their environment.Different groups of Exercises of Practical Life in Montessori System EPL are divided into four main groups:
1)      Elementary Exercises
a)      Basic Elementary Exercises
b)     Elementary Exercises
c)      Higher Elementary Exercises
2)      Exercises of Personal Care
3)      Grace and Courtesy Exercises
4)      Care of Environment ExercisesElementary Exercises: These exercises assist in creating routine and order in the environment and are pre requisite for other activities.
It is sub divided into three categories:a)      Basic Elementary Exercises: In these exercises child learn fundamental activities involve muscle and mind coordination. Exercises like taking object holding it and put it back, open and close the door, etc.
b)   Elementary Exercises: In these exercises child learn a bit more advance and complex activities using muscle and mind coordination. Exercises like rolling and unrolling of mats, holding a chair, pouring rice from one jug to another, etc.
c)      Higher Elementary Exercises: In these exercises child learn logical and bit more complex…

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