Superior performance of sand production line

According to the survey are aware, the current domestic over-exploitation of natural sand , not only damage to the environment , but also caused a shortage of sand and gravel supply , exacerbated by the conflict in the construction industry and gravel supply. Sources of high-quality sand and gravel aggregates become the focus of public attention from investors , for which the company developed the production of environmentally friendly and efficient sand making production line equipment, to meet the current shortage of natural sand situation, providing our customers with quality products and personalized service needs.
Sand production line performance is superior, first of all, by vibrating feeder evenly to the stone crusher preliminary crushing . Then , the material produced by the belt conveyor fed into the crusher for further crushing , crushing the material is transported to the shaker conveyor belt for screening . Finally , to achieve the required product size material is fed into the sand washing machine cleaning, after cleaning the output from the conveyor belt is finished ; does not meet the size requirements of the finished material from the vibrating screen returns Sand reworked several times to form a closed loop .
The production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher , cone crusher, impact crusher , impact crusher , belt conveyor, sand washing machine and sand recycling system and other system components . Finished size according to user needs to be combined and graded. If I choose to dry production process , can be equipped with the thickness of the powder separator and dust removal equipment.
Henan vipeak machine production full of sand production line equipment , according to customer requirements of different production models and specifications to design products , providing customers with the venue of all aspects of design and technical guidance , and fully reflects the rationality of design , effectiveness, applicability ,…

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