Globalization and Cultural Identity

Globalization and Cultural IdentityGlobalization, once it has been accomplished, is the process, where by the entire world uses a free market system and consequently labor,capital, products and services are traded freely. Globalization is a three dimensional term, encompassing political, economical and cultural aspects. 1Is globalization a process, which started just in recent years, and how far back do its roots reach? To some it began with the Turks taking control of the silk road, to others it began by passing through the seas of the Cape of Good Hope and with the discovery of America, whereby world trade expanded and natural resources from different parts of the world were transported to Europe; still others believe it began towards the end of 19th century with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, which brought on the development of production and transportation means. However,these developments really first began being referred to as “globalization”with the fall of the Eastern Block countries and with the advancement in communication technology, including news media and the wide spread use of the internet, causing an increase in communication between people. These last two components are important factors, which have direct influence on the cultural dimensional aspect of globalization. We may then say: In reality, globalization has been around since the beginning of mankind. We merely evaluate its history according to various phases of paradigms. But one thing is sure, as transportation and communication increase in speed, the process of globalization becomes more and more apparent. As globalization speeds up, we become more aware of it and this increase, in comparison with past percent ages, causes everything in the world to become influenced more quickly.Almost all agree on the point, that globalization cannot be turned back.Whether we are in favor of globalization or are against it, it is definitely an ever-expanding process.When we look at…

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