My name is ________ and along with a lot of you, I’ve been coming to _________middle school for three years, which all lead to this moment, when we all say good-bye to the staff members and teachers that have helped us end up where we are now. Not only that, but we are saying good-bye to ourselves in a way, because after this year, things won’t stay the same. WE won’t stay the same. I remember first walking through the front doors of our school feeling as if I was stepping into a whole new world full of so many people I’ve never even met before, until I realized that I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t the only one who was nervous. A lot of you were waiting for the doors of ___________ to open, standing beside your parents and searching for your friends. Friends that through the years, you might’ve lost. We’ve all been through thick and thin, having to handle new rotating schedules, wondering who we’ll end up being in the end, and even having to go through the struggle of figuring out how things work anymore. But that was all back then and this is now. Every second that passes, every minute, every year, it all counts because it all leads to the same question. Are you happy with how you ended up? If not, then you still have the chance to change the way you look at yourself because that’s really all that matters. It doesn’t matter what someone else may think because this is your life and you don’t have to rely on what everyone else wants you to do. Middle school is only the beginning and you’ve got a long road ahead of you. A long road full chances that you can choose to take or not.
High school isn’t all about partying or making truckloads of friends, it’s about choices. You’re going be given tons of opportunities and a decent amount of knowledge to go with them. Teachers will start talking to you more about careers and honors classes and pretty much anything that has to do with those topics, but it’s up to you to do the rest because like it or not, nothing…

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