China’s Population Issues

China’s Population Issues Of all the country, China have been most populated. With this they have many economic issues dealing with their populations. The growth of China had rapidly increased within the years before 1979. The amount of increase was so absurd that the government had to introduce a policy called the “one – child policy’. With this they prevent the overgrowth of China’s population, but may it lead to other problems in the future? As the people of Beijing commence their one – child policy lifestyle up to this day, there comes a few known issues dealing with the population.

One is that he aging of the people, because of the one – child policy everyone is allowed 1 child per house hold and years later everyone will be around the same ages. Many years has gone by and these people are being elderliness over the ages of 60. As of now there are 180 elderliness among Beijing if this continues on by 201 5 there will be 220 million people are over 60 years old. This is a big concern because the economy workforce will be left with only 52 percent of the population able to work and 34 percent will be unable to work as they are now over the age of 60, plus the other 16 percent that are unable to work are children.

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With the elderliness unable to work they will have to stay in a home to care for themselves or find a facility for elders. The government will need to plan out the future to create more facility for the elderly home. With the lack of workforce that China has to offer now, will they be able to finance these facilities. China economic magazine reported that the government of Beijing was number 1 on the social welfare home. The beds would estimate around $110 to $570 a month and also had a waiting list of more than 9000.

They are in high demand for beds and other countries can take advantage of this economy problem to make money by offering them lower price beds, but China does not allow foreign providers to get involved. They mostly have to find Chinese partners to help, this is one of the policy that they hold that is outdated and should be erased. As of January 18, 2013 China’s officials released data that shows the country’s economy growth rate is increasing while the population of the work force is declining. During 2012, people ages of 15 – 59 that are able to work had fell by 3. 5 million. This had become a major concern towards the government because China is the main source on global production. This eight be a turning point of their country and the global economy. The global economy relies heavily on China to produce things such as phone and stitched t – shirts. When the work force is decreased to such a low amount the people that are able to work, they will have higher demands for their wages. As the wages of the workers increase the product that are manufactured for the United States and Europe will also increase in price for the consumers.

It will have an effect towards the global economy. Other economy will have problems by the increase in price to buy things that are made from China. The wages to build manufacturing sectors in China will also increase. This will cause opportunities for other country economy to take advantage. The population of China will demand high wages while other countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India have a chance to compete for Jobs by tottering low wages to produce electronics and other maturating zones.

T can help the poorer economy to be able to stabilize with new founding Jobs, but also be harmful to the economy of China. There are a few solution to this problem. First they must rid of the one-child policy because this is the main cause that lead up to his event. Even if the people of China starts to Populate right away it still won’t take effect. The extra new born children won’t be able to Join the workforce until 15 to 20 years later. If only they had notice this issue will occur earlier, this solution would have been great to solve their workforce declining problem.

So for the next 20 years later things will go bad towards their economy until these children are able to work. There is an alternative option that may be able to help the issue other than the abandonment of the one – child policy. China has always been the one to produce ND supply other countries. The change can be that China recruits immigrants from other nearby country like India, Philippines, and Indonesia. This can help stable the lost in their economy workforce and also stabilize the global economy as well.

With all great ideas there are also a negative side to it. For this, when taking immigrants and giving them Jobs in your country behaviors start to change. Segregation may be a leading role in this because the population of China might not accept them like the United State does with the diversity within it. The people of China will have a hard mime integrating or accepting a large number of foreigners in their home. This can cause hardship on the lives of the immigrants that came to China to work for money to support themselves and their family.

These events Vive been talking about has relation to the “economic globalization” that we covered in class. China plays a leading role in the global production system and global markets. They sell their manufactured products all over the world. With a change in their economy will cause the global economy to shift with it. United States in particular will take the most effect from the decline of China economy. We use China to produce more than half of the things we use in our daily lives. Even buildings where built in China and the owners are from the United States.

Also the world takes effect to what happen to China, because of China’s mass productions are used around the world and will they be able to afford it if the price increases. After reading and writing about these two article I read, the knowledge I gain from understanding the life and problems of another country and it is different from what I have and see in the United States. I never knew China had such an impact on the global economies. All I know is that they dad the things that we use in our daily lives.

What really concern me was the policy of the only one child per family. In America we are free to have as much children as we want. Also the problems that they have because of the problem is unthinkable that it will have an impact on us too because they lack the proper age group to work and those that were working are now elders that are retired. But what if China never had that law will there still be an issue? Will it be over populated that the people of china have to migrate to foreign soil? As of now I have a better understanding of how the economic globalization works.