Cause of College Drop Outs

There is no doubt that education is essential to people’s lives. Having a good educational background is an important factor to get a good Job and to work effectively. However, one of the saddest issues in today’s society is the college dropout rate in many college or university remains very high. There are many individual reasons, but they all come down to these: poor academic performance, financial problem and troubles with the course. Firstly, the ability to study is the main element for learning effectively.

Poor academic performance is the leading reason that makes students drop out. A lot of students who have been accepted to a college aren’t focused also lacking academic skills and self-motivation abilities. Students who may have maintained an average performance in high school may find themselves overwhelmed by the faster pace of college work. Similarly, students who were not adequately prepared by their high school’s curriculum may find themselves unable to assure up to the higher standards expected of college level work .

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Students who lack focus and aren’t easily adaptive new environment wont earn a degree. Second, school fees, tuition, textbooks, and many other financial factors play a big role in dropout for some students. In come colleges tuition goes up each fall. In lower education students public school is available for students for free This is a big shift. Most students get Jobs so the transition is easier. College is a full load itself additional 30 sometimes plus hours on a student can be hard. Lack of time management can kill a student.

Deadlines in college must be met no matter how many other classes you take or your financial situation. Last but not least, problems with these a student is taking can make him want to dropout. Lastly, When entering college most 17 or 18 year old students have no clue what they would like to be in life. He or she might find themselves half way through the program and not find the major suitable. Yes, changing your major and not Just vying up is an option but, who wants to spend any additional years?

In addition some university’s offer a host of classes with the same professor and can be conflicts with learning style of the student and teaching style of the teacher. These kinds of factors also lead to high dropout rate. In conclusion, poor academic performance, financial problem and troubles with the course are a few of the many reasons students decide to leave college. This is a situation that needs to be attended to soon because in this growing society education is key.