The Pros and Cons of an Online High School

Essay Paper: The Pros and Cons of an Entirely Online High School
James B. Abrams
Aspen UniversityThe Pros of an Entirely Online High School An online high school is a great way to earn an alternative education in the 21rst century. Online high school programs can offer the safety, flexibility and convenience of studying from home. In today’s educational industry, there are many benefits to an online school for example, “if you’re being bullied at school, live in a remote rural area or simply have a lifestyle that’s not conducive to a traditional school schedule, an online program can offer you a practical alternative for earning a high school diploma” (Education Portal, 2013).
Online high schools have many pros such as convenience, flexible scheduling, safety, finishing early, and quality material. An online high school is convenient because student can take their classes, and study from anywhere in the world that has a computer with access to the world-wide-web. This is predominantly beneficial for learners who live in isolated regions or travel regularly for business or other additional events. Online education is flexible, students can execute their studying asynchronously and on their own schedule that in turn, deals major benefits for students whose lives are too hectic for modern schools. Safety is one of the most important pros of an online high school because bullying is a growing issue in American high schools today. Learners who are tormented by bullies physically or socially get the security of finishing their diploma’s in the safety of their homes. Online students also benefit from the accelerated pace of online high school programs by completing their work in an accelerated fashion especially for students who are ready to excel into college or a skilled-trade. “According to the U.S. Department of Education, many online high school programs are able to offer students access to higher quality learning materials. The quality…

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