A Proud Parent Letter to Editor

A proud parent
Wallis News ReviewAs a resident and parent in the Brazos school district, I have been impressed with the huge turn around Dr. Szymanski and the new Athletic Director, Mike Bonewald have done at Brazos High School. They, along with their staff, have brought back new meaning to Cougar Pride. This positive change is giving this generation of Cougars the opportunity to belong to something positive and exciting. Students, parents and members of our communities are becoming more involved and showing support at the various athletic events that take place, proudly displaying their “red” and “black”. The outcome of the games may not always be in our favor, but our Cougar athletes always stay positive and never give up—their time will come!
As parents and supporters of our children, we should encourage them to strive for excellence in athletics, but also academically and by getting involved in our communities. My daughter, Andrea, even mentioned that the National Honor Society wants to adopt a highway. They will set aside one day out of each month to help clean the streets of our community—another way to show Cougar pride. The Student Council club is also growing and the students have countless ideas and want to bring back a tradition that was around when I was in high school—the bonfire! And something new that the students would like to try is tailgating before games—a way to gather together to show support and our Cougar pride. These traditions, new and old will only serve to unite our students and communities, as well as show our Cougar spirit. Our athletic program is even growing; more students are becoming involved—students who never had the desire to be an athlete or thought that they had athletic “ability”—they are all coming out to become a part of something big! I feel like this positive change has everything to do with the excellent coaching staff & the support of our principal. They have instilled a “never give up…

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