The program is an eligibility program that constitutes a study program that leads to a working visa on completion followed by settlement. Degree and diploma holders are free to apply as the course provides progression and realization of Canadian techniques relating to the specific designation.
 Eligibility Courses/Training details: (Nurses, Carers, Teachers, and Hoteliers)
?         Duration :                    7 months to 8 month. 50% study and 50% work
?         Next Batch :                Monthly intakes
?         Living Expenses:         $10000 in bank for 3months+ if this is the personal account. This is required for the visa but is most likely $500 per month actual expenses. We recommend that the applicant shows a bank loan or personal loan from family or friends or a combination of all. Then the period of 3 months is not required and applications can be made immediately.
 Industries and accepted areas
?         Nurses
?         Nursery teachers
?         Caregivers
?         Early Childhood educator.
?         Hotels, Tourism, Chefs/Cooks/ HRM
Main Features:
?         No IELTS/TOFEL required but it is strongly recommended that the applicant achieves 5.5 Band.
?         Part time work during training. 20hrs per week
?         Full time work contract for 2 years after training.
?         Rolling Admissions every month
?         College Fees after visa approval
?         Should have done grade 12 Nurse Aid, Nurse, Physiotherapist or a Trained Teacher (only female).
?         Hotel diplomas/degrees
?         With or without experience.
?         Should be between ages 21- 48.
?         Good in English.
?         No Interviews in High Commission.
After Training …2 years contract of full time work.
Minimum Salary:           $10.25 per hour
After two year would be eligible for open work permit or immigrationPROGRAM FEE INCLUDING AIR TICKET, VISA APPLICATION FEE AND MEDICAL…

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