In Staples’s article he talked about where he go people were going in different directions. For example, he would walk on the street and people would change their direction of walking and go on different side of the street. In Baldwin article it was similar, but different how Baldwin was treated when he went to the restaurant few times. The restaurant people told me that “Negroes are not served here”. It happened quit few times. So Baldwin was very disappointed about this. He said “ I wanted to do something to crush these white faces, which was crushing me.” (page 58,par 1). When he walked in the restaurant the waitress told him again that “ We don’t server Negroes here”. This made him so mad that he wanted to do something to her. First, he wanted to use his hands to her neck, but than he threw a half water glass at her, but it didn’t hit her. From this action it shows the anger that how he was hurt from white faces who treated Baldwin like this because of his skin color and race. Staples knew people didn’t like him because of his skin color, but he didn’t think of murdering anyone. He wanted to to take things smother in his life. But on the other hand it was different in Baldwin life. Baldwin was fed up of people hating him because of his skin color that most of the time he went in restaurant he was told that since he is a Negro he is not allowed in the restaurant. So one day he went in the restaurant because he wanted to crush white faces. It made him take a step where he could have committed a murder.

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