Death Penalty

I’m not sure exactly where I stand as far as capital punishment. The reason I am torn is I am not sure capital punishment even works and I also feel that vegans makes you not much of a better person, than the offender.
I can see how someone could want justice for the death of their child and feel that they want an eye for an eye. I’m sure that there are a lot of serial killers that deserve retribution although I think they will receive that judgment day. I would not want to be an executioner or the juror who had to decide to put to death. I do not feel it is my place although no one has taken one of my loved ones away from me. So I am not sure that i blame them or if I were in their shoes I wouldn’t do the same. Are people who are crazy enough to commit murder going to stop cause of the punishment? I can see deterrence as a good reason for capital punishment if it would work. Are people so self-centered that the only way they will not commit murder is because of the outcome of their punishment. I am not too sure this is true I don’t think this stops serial killers or I do not believe this would stop killings in the heat passion. If there were no punishment for death I could see murders increase, I do feel if someone would think of the consequences of murder a life sentence may be enough if they felt if they would be caught.
Another issue I always looked at when considering when taking the side of the death penalty is cost I was not aware of how much the cost was for capital punishment. I felt that the issue of life in prison will cost so much more than the cost to put someone to death. Not that cost should determine someone’s death but when you look at pain to keep this person who may have killed children or other family members, it’s hard not to put a price on someone’s head
Surprisingly enough it would actually be cheaper for incapacitations this will keep them from a danger from society and it would cost less money so I would have to say I am against…

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