Chem 211

INSTRUCTOR:Prof. Gary Glick
[email protected]
COURSE DESCRIPTIONChemistry 211 is the laboratory companion course to Chemistry 210, although it is a completely separate course where grade and credit is concerned. While some topics overlap (typically at the start of the term), many students take these courses in different terms, and there is no expectation that material from one course will be examined in the other. Chemistry 211 is meant to be an introduction to laboratory safety as well as the major concepts of chemical investigation, organic chemistry, and laboratory techniques. We want you to become safe and comfortable in the laboratory itself, and we want you to learn some key techniques that are part of organic chemistry.SAFETY CONCERNSYou must be aware and alert in the laboratory, as some of the chemicals are flammable or caustic (they can cause chemical burns). You must always wear your safety goggles in the lab and contact lenses are strictly prohibited. Be advised that chemicals spill all the time, so bare skin is a hazard in the lab. Please protect yourself by wearing your aprons and gloves and DO NOT EVER wear tank tops or sandals in the lab. All PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided. You will have required reading assignments regarding safety in the lab. FAILURE TO FOLLOW SAFETY GUIDELINES WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EJECTION FROM THE LAB.ATTENDANCE POLICYThere is a very strict attendance policy in Chemistry 211: You must attend the lab section for which you are registered and you are also expected to attend laboratory lectures so that you will be well prepared for lab and final exam. There are absolutely NO make-up opportunities for missed laboratory time. This is quite impossible due to the number of students and the scheduling of other laboratory courses. For this reason, and in order to be fair to students who may have to miss lab for valid reasons, we simply do not allow ANY additional or…

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