Because of Him I Have a Life…

My father is a big impact in my life because he was the one who changed it, is why. Since the day he transferred from being a police officer to becoming a military man in combat he started to build this expressionless exterior that changed everything about him. He no longer has the smooth baby face he had before he joined the army. His face has scars that defines him as a individual, dark marks, tan lines cover his face from being in the field, his sharp features reminds me of how much he worked to find us this life.

The thing that eats at my heart every day is the tired look he tries to cover every time he comes home, the stress that caused gray hairs around his military haircut. My father taught me several lessons, I can hear him vividly lecturing me saying “Sharon, you need to learn to not depend on others; not friends, not best friends, and not boyfriends. All you need is yourself because at the end of the day you’ll always be the one to face struggles, hurt, and problems alone. Nobody knows you better than yourself. I learned that he was right, and the ad part is I had to experience it to learn it the hard way. In my childhood and how I was raised, my father taught me to be humble and kind. He said” the worst kind of person you can ever become is a prejudice one. ” Not once has he ever been prejudice to anyone in his life, he always told me that God made them the way they are for a reason, and if I’m Judging them I’m Judging God. As much as we get into altercations with one another, I completely accede with that saying. Every day at 2:00 A. M. In the morning to 11:00 P.

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M. E would still be at work making sure he works his ass off to get us where we are now. Although I don’t see him most of the time during my childhood, and he missed almost every one of my birthdays I can never be mad at him for it. Something I most admire my father for is the fact he gave up his family and life he had back in the islands to support his daughter and pregnant wife, which changed all our lives. As soon as he Joined the military he flew us 2 kids and my mother out to America to see our new house in Hawaii. The day we all came to

America was the day we left behind the poverty and worries back in Samoa. Since that day, I have always respected my father. Even though I sometimes abhor is actions towards discipline, I constantly think back to the days we had it rough and who it was that became our hero from there on out. Without his decisions on coming to America and toward his responsibilities, I wouldn’t nave and nope in finding a future for myself back in the islands. Because of my father’s life changing choices, I am living a life off lifetime; a humble lifestyle.