Baseball is known as “the national pastime” because it became so popular in the United States. Baseball started with the game called rounders. It was the same as baseball except they had to hit the batter with the ball to get him out. They finally changed the rules after a group in New York came together in 1845. They now only have to tag the batter to get them out. Russia also had a game similar to baseball called Lapta. Historic origins, famous players, and the impact makes baseball one of the greatest games.
Baseball is very popular in the United States and across the world. Baseball can be played by anybody rather than football and basketball (Baseball in America: A History). The Cincinnati Red Stocking was the first professional team. They traveled across the world playing teams, and they won 60 games without losing any. The first professional baseball league was created in 1871. Most of the teams were from the eastern United States. They were divided into the National and American league. It was close to what today’s game is like except back then they did not have divisions or playoffs. The team with the best record in each league would be the winner of the pennant. The two winners would meet and play in the World Series. Whoever won four out of seven games would win the World Series. Finally, in 1950 western United States got teams.
Alexander Cartwright is credited with creating the rules for baseball. Cartwright played for the knickerbockers and his teammates helped him create some of the rules (Rich). Some rules are still being used today. The three strikes and three outs per inning, nine players on the field and 90 feet between bases are all still in use today. Abner Doubleday is credited with being the creator of baseball, but he never said he was the creator. There is controversy today that he is not the creator of baseball. Baseball really was not created by anybody, it was evolved around other games like cricket, rounders, Lapta, and town…

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