Project 1: Create a needs assessment utilizing page 118, table 3.2. Decide on the technique and create 5 questions you are attempting to answer to determine the specific training needs as it pertains to the topic of “customer service.” You must create a fictitious organization and administer this needs assessment. What are the results, in essence, what knowledge, skills, and abilities need to be developed for the person and/or the organization to provide better customer service.Project 2: Using your answers from project 1, create a simple action plan modeled after the one on page 208, table 5.6. Read through what you have learned so far, in order to develop the plan effectively.Project 3: Using your answers from project 1 & 2, create a powerpoint to teach the needed customer service knowledge, skills, and/or abilities. (Only those where you found a deficient)Project 4: Using all the information you have created so far, develop a 5 question evaluation for this training.Project 5: Now combine projects 1, 2, 3, and 4 to put together a final powerpoint that contains the sequence of your training, along with details of how you will present the material (video/lecture, etc.), and a level 1 evaluation, with suggestions for levels 2-5. Remember to get them interested, present information in a way they will retain it, allow time for application of material by trainees, and a safe environment for them to ask questions, then evaluate.Developing a training plan for your employees
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Training can play an important role in the success of your business. Unfortunately, small businesses (especially those in customer service) often can’t afford to give staff time away from work to attend training during work hours. Similarly, business owners often find the available training is too unspecific and not appropriate to the individual needs…

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