9-11: terrorism

I was about three years old when the attacks on September 11th ,2001 occurred. I don’t remember at all where I was or what I was doing but I have grown to love my country. I have the uttermost respect for service men who fight and continue to keep our country safe every day. As a child growing up I would hear about countless tragedy’s that struck different parts of the world but I had this sense of peace knowing that things like that didn’t happen in America. I don’t go against anyone that’s Muslim or anything else such as that. Actually I feel bad for them because they are stereotyped so much because of where they came from or their cultural background. 9/11 was truly devastating and brought America to it’s knees in just hours. In those few hours havoc raged through our home towns, lives were lost and families were torn apart. Every citizen of America was the victim here and that was Osama Bin Laden’s plan.
In the morning of 9/11, America was peaceful, normal, not expecting anything at all. At 8:46, the first hijacked plane hit the North tower. Everyone thought it was a terrible accident, until at 9:02, a second plane hit the South tower. This was when America became hysteric. We all knew this was no mistake, but instead a terrorist attack. Only about twenty minutes after the first plane hit the North tower, people were leaping to their deaths to escape the fire. I watched countless videos about the people that jumped out of the building. I was so horrified that innocent people were forced to do such a thing. Getting this reaction by just watching a video, I couldn’t imagine actually witnessing these events.
9:59, the South tower falls. People are crying and screaming, not knowing what to do, there are fire trucks everywhere and then a big smoke cloud started roaring out in every direction. The air even five miles away was un-breathable. There were big chunks of debris falling from the sky that could knock anyone out at any second. This was just the…

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