Where the Wild Things Are

The first part of the book that I thought was important was the beginning. It describes the main character Max. Max has a perfect personality of a child. He was a very disobedient boy; he got into a lot of “mischief”. He even back talked his mother. So, to discipline him, she sent him to his room without supper.
The next part of the book that I thought was important was when the “forest starts to grow in Max’s room”. I think this is an important part of the book because it allows the readers to use their imagination just like Max does in the story. He’s imagination let him be in a place that he created in his mind. The illustrations in the book make it look like just like what was in Max’s mind. All the details of the forest let the readers imagine another place.
Another part of the book I found was important was when Max encountered the “Wild Things”. The details in the book make the monsters sound scary. But, Max was brave and tames the “Wild Things” with a magic trick. I feel this is an important part because it allows the reader to be brave in the real world and have control of their fears.
The last part of the book I thought was also important was when Max stopped dreaming. When Max stopped dreaming he found that he’s supper was waiting for him on the table. I found this to be important because it shows the unconditional love of his mother. Even after Max had misbehaved, she still loved him. After Max had learned his lesson by being homesick in his dream he realized that being home was better.

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