Western Indians

HI, my name is Juliet Thompson. I am 27 and a single mother. I have 2 children and their names are Jane and Ethan, Jane is 12 years old and my son is 16, turning 17 in 2 weeks. My children father , Jason, had died due to cancer 5 years ago. My son and I both have Jobs. I work as a bartender at our towns bar. My son helps with farming and ranching. My daughter , Jane, helps clean around the house. Ethan and Jane both go to the towns school. Ethan, in 1 lath grade and Jane, in 8th.

My son had Just went to work, while the cattle industry was growing in the West, railroads were wing or right of way agreements elsewhere my son was farming all of a sudden the tows outlaws showed up. Jessie James and his friend came to our farm. They started to push Ethan around, then than started to scream. I looked outside the house and there it was, Jessie James beating up my son. By the time I’ve ran out the door yelling at Jessie to stop , my son Just laying there,barley alive,’ saw Jessie and his friend running away. I rushed Ethan to the hospital, they said he has a concussion.

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The hospital had said they’d have to keep Ethan in the hospital for a few days. The cops had came and I have told them what had happened. They are now searching for Jessie James and his mystery friend. The cops said that Jessie would be paying for Ethane’s hospital bills because the cops would be sure that Jessie would have the money, our family had the money but the cops said that they would handle it. Later on that night my old friend had came back from Oregon. My friends name is Luke, he is 28 we’ve grown up together since we were both 11 all the way up to 3 years ago.

Him and his family had left to Oregon a while back to get away from all the town ram. But only he had moved back to Oklahoma. I’ve told him about my kids and how Jane is doing and about how Ethan is doing. Luke and my husband were best friends, until Season’s tragic death. Luke and I have been talking about old memories and about the news since he has been gone. We had caught up on a lot of things. Were very happy to have met again. We’ve missed catheter! It has been 2 weeks since my sons concussion. Today is his birthday, November 20th. He had Just gotten out of the hospital.