Various Types of Cone Crusher

Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and medium crushing in the departments of mining, building materials and infrastructure construction. According to the feeding width, it can be divided into large, medium and small sized. The jaw crushers have many advantages such as simple structure, easy manufacturing, reliable working condition and convenient operation and maintenance. Major Advantages of Jaw Crusher 1. Effectively solves the problem of high operation rate and little maintenance time caused by low output of limestone crusher.
2. Can complete the crushing work of large-sized limestone.
3. The blending of the two materials is even and the mixing quantity of the desulfurized limestone is greatly increased.
4. The electricity needed is reduced.
5. The granularity of the wastes is small.
6. Effectively improves the labor strength and the working environment of the workers.  Performance Characteristics of China Jaw Crusher 1) The crushing chamber is deep and without dead zone, thus improving material feeding ability and the final output;
2) High crushing ratio and even product granularity;
3) The gasket material discharging mouth adjusting device is reliable and convenient, and the adjusting ranges are wide, thus increasing the flexibility of the equipment;
4) The lubricating system is safe and reliable, and the changing of the spare part is convenient, so that the maintenance work becomes easy;
5) Simple structure, reliable working condition and low operational cost;
6) The equipment is able to save more energy: the single machine will save energy by 15%~30% and the system will save more than one times;
7) The adjusting ranges of the material discharging mouth are wide so that it will satisfy the requirements of different customers.
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